Our Services Outlines

Our "one-stop shop" approach for all engineering and project services enables us to handle many different kinds of projects from small to large projects.

Whatever the project mandate —design, consulting, reviewing, reporting, investigation, engineering, construction management, project management, analysis or all the above,   we will bring a wealth of hands-on experience to each project.

We understand the role of each professional involved in the project, including the architects, the engineers and the builders. We will always look after the client’s interests, whether it involves the building design, the construction methods or changes in either costs or scheduling.

We are a firm that is making technology work for each client and the projects. Let us tell you about our  First-Class Service, our company, and the "positive" attitude that motivates us to deliver nothing less than the very best service for your projects.

Customer Service

During each stage of the project, our involvement will mean real benefits, including:

  • Optimization and value analysis
  • Program analysis through commissioning, including the obtaining of permits
  • Management of budgets and schedules
  • Project urgency “fast track” approach
  • Direct communication among all parties involved
  • Strict health and safety standards
  • On-line communication and documents transfers
  • On-line conferences or video conferences


Our services include:

  • Work site supervision
  • Contract administration
  • Schedule planning
  • Cost and timetable control
  • Estimates
  • Value analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Document control
  • Construction viability reviews
  • Construction method cost analysis
  • Inspection and quality assurance


Consulting and Construction management Services